Record of Lodoss war

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September 3, 2021 version

Enter the pyramid, kill the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) then Iron Golem.

 Monsters come out of the burial chamber.



Leave Alania by the south to go to VALIS.
Knights chasing a carriage, asks you to save the princess.
But the fight turns out badly and you find yourself without equipment in a cave.
After finding your weapons, equip yourself and rescue the princess


ROID town:     

Talk to the MINSTREL about the Minotaur Maze

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Lodoss 2_0016

Lodoss 2_0017

I've been playing for a while and translating as I go.
I have trouble finding my way in the caves.
I did the first (Goblins) and the Pyramid, which allows you to have a path in the desert.
But I am lost in the other labyrinths.

If anyone wants to play and help me.

Go see the merchant in BLADE town to talk to him, then buy the "DesertSET" to go to the desert oasis to get the unicorn horn.
Take it back to the merchant.
If you want to go to the inn to save the game, you'll be awakened by the priest asking you to investigate a murder that just took place in the inn.
During the investigation, if you want to abandon the quest, press Q-key

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Lodoss War Map