Full English translations (41)

June, 2022

Asghuine Bit2 (Action)
Ashguine 3
Chuka Taisen (Shoot em up)
Crimson 2 (Great RPG)
Deep Forest (Action)
DIOS (2021)
Dungeon Wanderer (2021)
F1-NAMCO (race cars)
Famicle Parodic (Shoot em up)
Galmoon (board game)
Gandhara (Great RPG)
GINGA (cards & mahjong)
Goofy Yaji Kita (adventure)
Higemaru (adventure)
Hydefos (Shoot em up)
Ishido (board game)
Jagur 5 (adventure)
Labyrinth (adventure) 2021
La valeur (Great RPG)
Legendly 9 gems (adventure)
Lupin - Legend of Babylon's gold (Action)
Marcy many princesses (Action)
Master of monsters (Strategy)
Navitune (Rpg/Adventure)
RANDAR III disk 1 & 2 full
Seikima II (Action)
Solitaire royal (card game)

SA-ZI-RI  (2022)

Star Virgin (2021)
Super Cooks (adventure)
Super Daisenryaku (Strategy)

Take the A-train
TDF-Terrestrial Defense Force (Strategy)
Testament (labyrinth) 2021
The legend of Shonan (Strategy) 2021
Tritorn II disk 1 full (adventure Rpg)
Trouble parters - Peach up 1 (adventure)
Usa Jong
Wings of Arugisu (Good RPG)
XZR 2 (Great RPG)
Zombie hunter (Action)

Partial english translations

Partial english translations

American success
Bride of space time
Crimson 3
Deep dungeon 2
Devil hunter
Diable de Laplace
Dragon Quest
Emerald dragon
Estland campaign
Exterlien (intro translated - 2021)
Galf streem (intro translated 2021)
Green crystal
Inindo way of ninja
Kageroh Labyrinth (intro translated)
Madou monogatari
MS field Gundam
Murder on Mississippi
New legendly 9 gems
Phantasie 1 - 2 - 4
Prince bingbing story
Psychic war
Record of Lodoss War (2021)
Robo crush (2021)
Rune worth
SD Gundam (2021)
Shenan dragon (intro translated)
Ultima 3 Exodus
Ultima 4
Uncharted waters


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